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Brewie B20 is available at the Brewie Shop. Click here to check it out!

Of course you can! Check the Brewie Shop for more information on accessories or different Brewie Pads.

As of now, Brewie B20s are available in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the US.

Right now, we are using USD for all purchases, independent of where you’re residing. We’ll expand options to Euro and – if requests become frequent – to other currencies.

Yes, of course! Once you finalize your order, you'll receive an automatic message which includes your purchase information and a receipt for your purchas(es).

Brewie has a warranty of 18 months, which naturally starts counting on the day you receive your Brewie. This timeframe differs in countries which defines longer minimum warranty times on a legal basis.

Unfortunately, everything expires. However, Brewie Pads have a lifetime of approximately 6 months – but it will be displayed on their packaging, naturally. However, make sure that neither the malt, nor the hops are exposed directly to sunlight – it can fasten up the expiring process.

If a purchase was unsuccessful, it might have been only an administrative issue. Please, contact Brewie Customer Service and state the error message you received - from then, we'll be able and happy to help you!

Sending out the Brewie Pads and other accessories will always wait until delivery of your Brewie B20 is imminent - thus not making you store a number of boxes and other equipment without using them. Brewie Pads and accessories are sent out to arrive around the same time as your Brewie B20.
If you do not wish your Pads to wait until your Brewie B20 arrives, please state so in a message to the Brewie Customer Service.

Don't worry - Barion is a perfectly safe way to pay for any purchases. Learn more about it on their webpage!

We are working with automated e-mails sent out from our internal system. Please, check out the spam folder of your e-mail account (with which you've purchased the products), or check if the account has any remaining storage space.

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