A fully automated system lets you focus on important issues other than brewing

A fully automated system lets you focus on important issues other than brewing

3 10 months ago

Comparing to that, a beginner brewer who starts his/her own homebrewing journey actually has no idea how easy it is to start brewing today. Nowadays, you have a wide range of opportunities to choose from multiple types of brewing kits, accessories, and ingredients. This absolutely eases the making of your decision to start a new DIY hobby like making beer.

Initiating a home brewery obviously demands a tremendous amount of reading and collecting information to stay up to date in the field of brewers. We certainly think so if your love of beer and your initial resolution are sure, the rest will resolve itself.

We provide you a machine that guarantees to have time for educate yourself and dive into the mysteries of beer brewing. It's fully automated system lets you deal with other important issues while brewing. Do you have a couple of work-related meetings in the morning? Are you responsible for picking up the kids after training? Did your wife ask you to help her in the grocery shopping? Still, zero problems to solve if you bought a homebrewing machine that allows you to take part only in the beginning and the end of the operation (setting of the brewing's parameters, adding ingredients and fermenting). After that phase, you'll have time to work, relax or be with your loved ones. A win-win situation indeed! Your machine brews your beer while you're still a useful member of society and your family.

With the application that has come with the 2.6 software update you're able to control the brewing method from your couch - basically, this app is a remote controller to the machine, and it works when the Brewie and the app both use the same network system. So you don't have to be in the same room with the machine and the time of comfortably monitor the brewing process from your lounge has arrived. From there, finishing the mobile application is only a few steps away in the very near future. Our SW team is constantly working on this so you don't have to wait too long for controlling the Brewie from your workplace, gym or even a family get together. As a thoughtful homebrewer, there will be certain times when you would like to closely supervise the whole brewing process from step to step. Maybe because you're curious of the machine's working or due to the modifications that you have to make manually in order to develop further your method - we sure know that it's nothing more important than experimenting with your new recipes from time to time. But in the meantime you'll be blown away by the excitement: the dream of having your own beer is literally one touch away!