A Six-Pack and the hair is still in place

A Six-Pack and the hair is still in place

0 1 year ago

Let's not flatter ourselves: the bad hair day is just as annoying while bending over our precious wort, as it would be on the runway. But fear no more: we have the perfect solution for keeping it together abouve the browline.

But why would it work?
Taking a more scientific turn: malt and hops are both rich in proteins that can repair your hair, while sugars in beer creates more shine for those cocky locks.

But how does it work?
Wait no more, here's the answer!

  1. First of all, de-carbonate your beer - while carbonated, it can have the same affect of hard water, making your hair rough and tough. However, once de-carbonated (left out for a night in a closed bowl, for example), the flat beer will have only those ingredients we need.
  2. If you have the oxidized beer, shampoo your hair with regular shampoo and use the golden liquid as a kind of conditioner. Once your hair is washed, massage your scalp with the poured beer for about a minute. When done, rinse off the beer and dry it.
  3. After a few times of use, you will surely feel the difference! Be the brewer all of us want to be - with shining locks and an atmosphere of "yep, I did it".