A space-saving solution in brewing

A space-saving solution in brewing

1 10 months ago

With the appearance of the automated beer brewing systems, home brewing has just become easier than it was before.

At first, when you say that out loud it sounds a bit too bold, but after you've thought it through there will be nothing to argue about this. In terms of the appropriate equipment, conditions of brewing have changed big time compared to the situation 30 years ago. Even though your enthusiasm and the beloved recipes haven't changed that much, from the aspect of the currently available and well-developed technology, a home brewer can afford him/herself the luxury of simplifying the apparatus. With this intention, the brewer makes the obligatory and often irking cleaning process easier and on top of it: saves more space in the home brewery (or to be more exact - in the garage or kitchen).

We've always loved to brew our favourite beer at home, but until now there's never been a practical, efficient, and easy way to do it. The awkward and cumbersome home-brewing machines on the market were either too large, too complicated or too expensive, and none of them were fully automated.

Compared to other home brewing systems, Brewie+ is the only one that fits your kitchen perfectly. It's not too big, not looking like a beer maker monster and its shape wisely adapts to the free space in your home. The streamlined, high tech display has a remarkable presence while it accommodates altogether in your cuisine environment. A well-designed item with a specific purpose can easily be the center of your kitchen let alone it'll bring extra life to it when you serve your handcrafted beer to your friends and family.

Just think about that - your spouse will be beyond happy once you won't occupy that much place for your kit when the different sized kegs will be relieved into an automated home brewing machine: our Brewie+.

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