Airbrau - beer for the skies

Airbrau - beer for the skies

1 1 year ago

No kidding - at Munich Airport, a few dedicated people - bless their names - decided to brew the airport’s very own beers. The first airport ever to brew, Munich Airport decided that if so many people already go through its gates on a daily basis, why not entertain them with their world-wide specialties?

The Airbrau brewery - and the adjacent restaurant - offers tapped and canned beers, takeaway party cans and a beautiful design of party kegs to make the evening an aesthetically unique one with the appropriate mood given for German beer drinking.

Their very own master brewer, René Jacobsen elaborated four different, but inherently German beertypes that Munich Airport offers.

FliegerQuelle (or FlightSource if you wish) is a semi-dry ale of distinctive hop flavour is a full-bodied, golden-coloured, aromatic beer served all around the year.

Kumulus, a classic Weissbier offer you the opportunity to try out one wheat beer before you leave Germany.

Airbrau also offers Pilsener, Bock, dark and other beers to anyone who just landed safely or takes off in a few. As an absolute curiosity, we can not recommend not trying one of the Air Beers!

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