Be Hoppy, the third Pad Pack is here

Be Hoppy, the third Pad Pack is here

0 1 year ago

December is the month of relaxation and celebration but we can't control the urge to offer new products to our customers. Basically, this is the main reason behind the three new Packs that are going to replace the Pad Pack in the Brewie Shop in the last month of 2017. Today we're announcing the launch of our ultimate Pad: the Hop Pack. (If you're interested, we've revealed the Malt Pack here and the Wheat Pack here.)

You'll find four hoppy Brewie Pad in this package: Hopus Pocus, Redneck Hopster, Mill's Row and the famous Hopersonic. Two IPAs: A West Coast session and a fruity one with tropical taste, our first APA and a summery Pilsner. With this Pack, you'll be able to brew for your hop fanatic buddies in every season, for the Hop Pack is going to faithfully head you through all states of hoppiness. Beers that you'll brew from these Pads don't have the same flavor but they were collected together due to their similar characteristics.

Imagine yourself in your garden, the weather is nice and fresh, the sun is shining and your friends are around you. Fancy eating some BBQ with steaks, sweet potatoes even Bavarian knuckle or some Burgers? Then choose the Hop Pack from the Brewie Shop because these hoppy beers are the perfect match with this kind of dinner table.

The Pack holds flavorful and refreshing Brewie pads with large hop content (with significantly hoppy taste). In most of them, we used US hops, this is the reason why they have floral, citric and pine character.