Beer College, extended version

Beer College, extended version

3 1 year ago

We are very happy to see that an increasing number of amateur and expert brewers are visiting the Knowledge Center week by week. However, the previously announced fourth category, Beer College is still under construction and scrutiny, to make sure that all information is processable, clear and precise. The following are due to throng the College:

Beer types: a wholly detailed encyclopedia to all amateur brewers out there, the spine of the college will consist of every relevant beer types. All who wants to try themselves in different types must know the basic information about the most common and brewable beers, which we are ready to provide.

Brewing: we would like to give information to anyone who might be interested in brewing, not just experienced brewers. For this goal, a step-by-step summary of brewing will be available through the beer college, from which readers can learn about the basic chemical and mechanical processes that happen while brewing.

Ingredients: linked to the brewing paragraph, to understand the basic chemical processes of a batch, wannabe brewers need to know more about how the different ingredients contribute to the final beer. In this paragraph, parts and effect of the malt, hops and yeast will be gutted and explained, one by one.

If you have any other topics that might be relevant to the brewing method/beer types, it would be very welcome - our goal is to realize a wholly functional encyclopedia, nothing less!