Beer-food pairings for the best BBQ ever

Beer-food pairings for the best BBQ ever

1 10 months ago

All of us know clearly that the first rays of the Spring sun means Summer is only a couple of weeks away (and due to global warming, its heat is unbearable from year to year - that makes us angry and thirstier than ever). And what about Summer? Festivals, concerts and a crazy amounts of outdoor activities. While in the colder months we try to survive - hide in pubs or in our cozy living room, in Summer we all feel like embrace the world, stay out late, invite friends, have fun in the garden and let our muscles to get some summery tan.

Imagine this with a special addition: your own, well-crafted, home made beer! Your children are playing on the freshly cut, soft grass, your friends are here, telling stories - the perfect time for having the best BBQ event of Summer (or of the month, of the week, of the day, it's up to you!). Taste the Summer in the company of your friends, listening to your favourite bands as background music this year! Tune in, press play and Brew! Make your own beer during attuning to the next gig this weekend or listening to the newest Pearl Jam song, while secretly dancing in flannel shirt, shouting the lyrics in your garage. Let's share two recipes and some tasteful food-beer pairing with you this time, take our advices and everyone will notice these special kick-ass tips that'll make them stop for a moment and value their lives between two Led Zeppelin hits.

Here's your food line-up for a perfect, summery garden party - two course for those who arrive hungrily and some beer pairing for the thirstier ones.

Roast pork with sunflower seeds

800 g boned pork ribs
salt, ground pepper
half a coffee-spoon of ground caraway seeds
2 large cloves garlic
1 bunch of parsley
half a bunch of thyme
200 g sunflower seeds
2 eggs
3 dl Dark Monk
1 tablespoon of ketchup
a few drops of Worcester sauce

Put the pork ribs onto a cutting board and cut along its length as if you wish to peel the outer one-third off (this way the meat can be turned inside out). Season with salt, pepper, Dark Monk and caraway seeds. Set one-fourth (50g) of the sunflower seeds aside, and chop up the rest with garlic, parsley, ketchup, thyme and the eggs. Marinate your meat in this mash for a night. Pour half of the beer and the same amount of water onto the meat in the following day and roast it until it's ready. Serve it with sunflower seeds and fresh vegetables!

Vinous beefsteak with beer

4 pieces of 180g steaks (720g)
2 tablespoons of crumbled coloured pepper (green-white-red)
2/3 cups of cream
1 tablespoon of mustard
1 tablespoon of Worcester sauce
2/3 cups of Hopersonic
1 tablespoon of gravy powder

Salt the steaks and push them into the crumbled pepper. Fry the steaks medium. Put the meat onto plates and set the plates into a warm place. Pour the cream into the frying pan, add the mustard and the Worcester sauce. Mix the beer with the gravy powder, add it to the cream, then boil it for 3-4 minutes. Pour the sauce onto steaks. Serve with baked potatoes and vegetables.

What goes down well with grilled meats?
- the drinkable and hoppy English pale ale, the Rusty Rex
- a sizzling Vienna lager, the Brevienna
Fancy eating some burgers or BBQ? Choose
- a West-Coast session IPA, the Hopus Pocus
- or the easy-to-drink and fruity Hopersonic
Stick with a steak? Then try it with
- a smooth American Pale Ale, the Redneck Hopster

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