Beer Gods vol. 2

Beer Gods vol. 2

3 1 year ago

As an inexhaustible goldmine, the topic of beergods is never to be underestimated! Let’s see a few more peculiar gems in the crown of all deities.

Mami, the Sumerian goddess of midwives was - for some unexplainable reason - the goddess of drunkenness also.

Remember the 400 drunken green rabbits? Well, they didn’t just fall from heaven - as you or me, they also had a mother once. She was Mayahuel, who’s not only goddess of alcohol, but also the protector of mature wombs (midwifery seems to be walk hand in hand with alcohol somehow). And yes, she could feed all 400 rabbits as well.

Have you ever felt that you want to have a drink, while watching a rainbow? Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal - you must’ve connected to humanity’s collective memory, in which Mbaba-Mwanna-Waresa always signaled the start of drinking with a rainbow. Yes, with a rainbow. Also, this Zulu goddess is thought to brew its people the first beer.

As the god of Slavic hospitality, Radegast is also believed to have first brewed a beer, thus becoming a god of alcohol as well. You can find Radegast on the shelves of the Czech Republic, being a popular beer.