Beer & lime. Yay or nay?

Beer & lime. Yay or nay?

0 11 months ago

We bet all of you wonder why do some of us put a slice of lime in their (typically Mexican) beer. Do they hate the taste of the beverage or just preferring the combination of beer and a citric fruit when it's time to drink something refreshing? When did this tradition start and why? What was the initial purpose of using lime?

Beer and fruits have gone hand in hand since the beginning of brewing beer. At first, brewers tried to balance out the sweetness of barley or the bitterness of hop with sour and sweet fruits. Still, the practice of putting fruits into the liquid during or after the brewing process hasn't gone anywhere.

There are several ideas around the world how lime got together with beer. According to the most widely known legend, Germans who emigrated to Texas and Nothern Mexico in the 19th century brought the tradition with themselves and thanks to that, a drinking attitude was born.

Others are stating that Mexicans don't drink beer with lime, it has become a ritual only in the USA and Canada. Mexican beers are often bottled in clear glass. Due to the fact that beer in clear glass bottles can be easily ruined by the effects of the UV radiation, in the making of these beverages, brewers use a different type of hop that is more resistant to sunlight but aren't that appetizing. Lime comes in handy in situations like that.

In the worst case scenario - when beer goes bad, lime or lemon takes away the skunky aroma and also keeps the flies off the rim. Even though these things that we've just listed reflect negatively on the combination of beer and lime, we don't want to discourage anybody who likes some light beer with citric flavours. If you eager to infuse your beer with lime, this is the best and easiest way to do it in a pub:

  1. open your beer
  2. get a slice of lime and chow it down, it's going to float on the surface of your beer
  3. place your thumb to the mouth of your bottle (completely cover it)
  4. flip the bottle over (the lime wedge will reach the bottom of the bottle)
  5. flip it back over and release the mouth of the bottle very slowly

Now you have your lime infused light beer. Cheers!

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