Beer of July

Beer of July

1 5 months ago

In Summer, especially in July it's not so hard to feel that every day is like Friday. The weather is warm; the sun is up until late and all day is full of possibilities even if it's a workday.

Be here, open a keg of your own beer with your friends or choose our freedom-in-a-bottle type of American Pale Ale with smooth, citrusy flavours and the decent amount of hop notes. Listen to the sweet melody of Rhubarb from the Aphex Twin or just simply watch this video and get inspired. These dudes certainly live in the present, the everlasting Summer of July surrounded by good vibes only.

It’s the season of 'too blessed to be stressed'. Even when your day-offs are all gone, smug a little holiday into workdays with your well-crafted beverage.

Taste it, then brew it again to store a little sunshine for colder days.