Beer of July: the Witbier!

Beer of July: the Witbier!

0 1 year ago

The witbier smells moderately sweet, with a light touch of honey or vanilla, completed with the sourness of the spicy wheat aroma. With a bit of coriander and a complex herbal, spicy or even peppery background feel with a fruitness of citrus or orange. There might be a few herbal/spicy hop aroma, but it will never repress other characteristics.

Its colour ranges from the very light, straw-coloured yellow to golden. It’s a very hazy beer with a thick, white foam (which should be, by the ways durable as well!).

The citrus, honey and vanilla are also palpable in the flavour, with a refreshingly biting and dry ending. The hop and spicy aroma always stay in the background - if they are perceptible at all.

In summary, and for the summer (yes, pun intended) the best way to keep yourself in the beer-game is to choose an elegant, refreshing and moderately strong witbier!