Beer of June

Beer of June

1 6 months ago

Your eyes are closed. You see the reddish spots in the calming darkness because the light outside wants to go in. The sun is burning your skin even though it's only the beginning of Summer it's almost unbearably hot.

Freshen up yourself with a cold shower, pack some ice in your cooler, go to your garden, terrace, go find a lake or a riverside nearby and bring some real summer beer with you! Taste one of our oldest, summery recipe, the Call Me Grainy, an easy-to-drink and highly carbonated wheat beer with well-balanced aroma hops.

We're sure the CMG experience won't let you down even in the hottest days of the season. Decompress your weekly stress, shake off the casual 'ain't nobody got time for chill' and make full use of all the opportunities that this Summer has in store for you.

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