Beer of March - a Jurassic taste!

Beer of March - a Jurassic taste!

6 1 year ago

Maybe it’s the power trying to get back on…

No, it’s not.

This is Brewie’s Rusty Rex lurking in the undergrowth, waiting to tear through its cage, right into your bottles.

This American Amber Ale is a modern American craft beer, based on an English-style pale ale with a twist: we used American hops in it.
Following “the less is more” philosophy, it has a non-intrusive, light bitterness, keeping its flavours in bay, without overflowing them. The reddish, rusty colour mirrors its biscuit-like taste. The citrus oiliness is subtle, and harmonizes with the malt basis. And as its namesake’s footprint indicates that the noble saurus was here, the bottle indicates the mark of the beer, keeping its pleasant smell for the next day.
Rusty Rex is a good choice for long conversations, with low carbonation and alcohol levels - even from the party keg.

The Rusty Rex Brewie Pad will be soon available in our webshop!

SRM: 14
IBU: 35
ABV: 4,1%