Beer of May

Beer of May

0 8 months ago

We're all craving for something cold in those hot summery days in the city. Let our newest Brewie Pad, this tasty Black IPA be your guide in the crazy and crowded urban jungle surrounded by concrete hills. Inspired by the most famous black panther (not the superhero but Mowgli's main aid in the all-time favourite) and the American band that truly made the term 'heavy metal' real.

This IPA is perfect for a late night beer tasting on the rooftop of your house or in a pre-Summer get together with your friends in a cozy garden party with some BBQ food.

Speed up your steps or start running, join with this heavy panther and overtake all shadows with a ray of metal light.

This Black IPA is brewed with more hops than an average beer and is completed with well-balanced malt notes and plenty of American aroma hop character. Its malty and moderate roasty notes typify the beverage that goes well with burgers, cheese or fish & chips.

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