Beer of May - before it was cool

Beer of May - before it was cool

0 1 year ago

Now that the new Brewie Pads have been previously announced, it is no surprise that we will have an APA among the lot - with of course its own personality, dressing style, beard oil and whatnot.

The APA is a popular style, developed around 1980. The British origins did not stop it to be more associated (and brewed, and dry hopped) with massive amount of American aroma hops. These beers in general have great balance of malt and hops, with fruity esters, just the right amount of bitterness and a varying diacetyl content. The British versions tend to be maltier, buttery and aromatic, while the Americans are basically cleaner and hoppier. The Redneck Hopster is one of the latter - brewed with plenty of Amarillo and Simcoe aroma hops.

To say that the Redneck Hopster is handcrafted is surely not an overstatement. It will be a homebrewed beer of modern style, with a twist on the brewing process.

Beginners shouldn’t get scared by the dry hopping process: it is easy and the instructions are all written down for you. So don’t hesitate but try one of Brewie’s newest recipes!

Soon available in the Brewie Webshop.

SRM: 6
IBU: 40
ABV: 5%