Beer of September

Beer of September

0 1 year ago

The straw colored lightness of this original Pilsner beer drives us back into the sunny summer days we all already crave to return.
Under the slighltly off-white head the traditional German and Czech flavours appear, due to the traditional way of brewing. The foundation for these flavour lies in the deep, complex maltiness - however, the scale weighs towards the bitterness and aroma of the strong hops inside.

We recommend to use soft (or softer) waters for brewing the Mill’s Row to be able to experience all the flavours and aroma it can offer. Time is of the essence in cases of the best Pilsners and - although the beer is ready after a few weeks of fermentation - we highly recommend it to mature it in the cold for even about half a year!

Once this light golden beverage is ready, just kick back, shut your eyes and taste the summer even in the chilliest days of the winter!

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