Beer superstitions

Beer superstitions

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Once upon a time like in every important matter, superstitions were born about beer. People believed that if they drink beer during fasting it extends their life. According to another superstition, wheat beers preserve the bloom of the skin. Maybe the next one is more spiritual: when we find a horseshoe, heat it and warm our beer with it. After this process, drinking the beverage makes all of our stomach's aches go away.

As stated in some dream-books dreaming with beer means quarreling in the near future, being drunk means pleasant hours are waiting for us but if we brew beer in our dreams, it promises good income (or it's just a hint that we should buy a Brewie B20 machine and start homebrewing, right?).

Blowing the head on beer was a particular act, originally in order to prevent the witches to possess the drinker. Curiously, it was presumed that witches can't control the drunken mind.

Reloading beer mugs was also prohibited (namely reloading was okay if the mug has been already empty) mainly in weddings due to the fact that this action brings bad luck to the newly-wed couple. Girls need to be cautious not to tumble down beer mugs because that means the arriving of a bastard child.

From the middle ages, it was a common habit in the South German countryside that in the beginning of the beer brewing season, old ladies danced around the first brew and spat into it. This manner is just seemingly disgusting because the brew boils for a long period of time so it stays sterile until the brewers add yeast to it.

In the beginning of the 20th century, it was still believed that if we put a triton (yes, a triton) into the tainted beer it upgrades its quality. In terms of finances it was more efficient to serve the not so good beer in wedding gigs trustingly the already drunk guests won't recognize its taste.