Beer will ROCK you!

Beer will ROCK you!

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Set and settings are equally important when you are ready to jump off the treadmill or just need a recreational safe space after a hard day. A couple of years ago, Felipe Reinoso Carvalho, Ph.D. has pointed out that by listening to the right songs, the flavour perception of the currently consumed beer can be easily altered.

In his study (read the full text here) he indicates that music can make your beverage's taste better if it complements the profile of your brew. Carvalho's team examined volunteers who drank beer with labels and background music and compared this group to another that got their beverage without labels and music. The following fact may not be unexpected - those who had music and labels found their beer tastier than the control group (and those who already knew the played song reported that they liked their beer itself more than others), but that wasn't the only thing that Carvalho fancied studying. He tried to pair music genres with different types of beers. It's also essential to remember that music is preferential - - if one is not a big fan of a certain band or song, won't enjoy the beer that much neither.

Of course, rock stars are spinned up by the power of music and beer but some of them aren't satisfied with ruling only one aspect of this pairing. Let's see some catchy drink-music combinations by Felipe Carvalho before presenting the most famous rock star beers!

+ Amber ales, pilsners, and sweet, fruity types of beer go down better in the company of songs with a pure sound such as classical music like Nils Frahm.

+ IPAs, pale ales and other hoppy beers resonate perfectly with the music that has harmonics and/ or metal instrument, melodies born in sweltering heats like ska beats or anything from the Bob Marley oeuvre.

+ sour beers (like Lambic or Gueuze) are ideal concert beverages for enjoying fast music with heavy rhythms and dissonance like Nirvana, Pearl Jam or Audioslave - march towards the first line with a good old Belgian beer in your hand!

+ strong beers with often dark colour and full body resonate better with darker tunes, frequently featuring synthesizer. Try drinking a strong porter while enjoying Tainted Love by Soft Cell or Todd Terje's Inspector Norse.

Beside these 'drinking musics' there are several musicians who don't just enjoy consuming this beloved beverage but also enjoy the making of it. Some of them only brew for their friends and families but most of them have created beers that can be purchased if you are vigilant enough. What can be a better chaser for your favourite hits than a ripper beer designed or inspired by your favourite rock and roll legend? The choice is yours!

Queen Bohemian Lager (4.7%)
Made for the 40th anniversary of the well-known Bohemian Rhapsody. An authentic Czech lager, a crisp brew with a hoppy aroma.

Trooper (4.8%)
A tribute to Iron Maiden's best-loved live stage song. This beer was created with the assistance of Bruce Dickinson (he even took time out of rehearsals to help in the brewing process!) from Bobek, Goldings, and Cascade hops with a golden colour and citrus notes.

Gladness (4.2%)
Inspired by the ska band Madness, the Gladness is a flavourful craft lager with British malt and blended aromatic hops.

Faithfull Ale (7%)
This Belgian-style golden ale with pleasant hoppiness and fruity notes is a celebration of Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary as a band and its debut album, Ten.

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