Better taste than canned beer

Better taste than canned beer

4 1 year ago

There are four main factors that can affect the flavor and freshness of the beverage you drink: age, temperature, light, and oxidization. If you brew your own beer you can easily check if these factors were ensured, but sadly when you buy a six-pack at the grocery you don't have the opportunity to control it. First of all, if we want our beer to stay fresh we must pay attention to its storing. If we fancy fresh craft beer, we should consume it within 3 months after bottling (in particularly hoppy beers like IPAs). We can boldly say that the best beer is that has been freshly brewed. Of course, it isn't possible to drink every canned beer within 3 months after canning, this is the main reason why beer factories modified the brewing process in order to make the product drinkable for 2 years. But in most of the cases the beverage has absolutely lost its character and aroma during the process.

Beer doesn't really reacts well to warm temperature. Monitoring temperature is equally important to storing regarding that in the case of canned beer you can't be sure how and at what temperature the beer was stored. On the contrary - when you homebrew you know the exact warmth (or in this case cold) that your drink needs.

Such as warmth, light is also the enemy of your beer. To stock it in kegs and cans is the safest way to preserve the freshness, if you prefer to bottle it (especially in clear bottles), you should know that this method leads to the susceptibility of skunking. A beer that isn't drunk within a few months after its brewing will start showing signs of oxidization - the symptom of it is the dull, muted or bland taste.

Happily, you have some excellent options that provide you the satisfying quality beer and these are accompanied by the justification of Brewie Pads. We give you hand-picked ingredients to brew your recipe (you can modify the extisting recipes or use your own ingredients in a Brewie bag) that based on malt, hops and yeast, so you don't have to be settled for the theoretically ensured but in practice uncontrollable qualified beer. Brewie only uses clean, natural elements with no chemicals that ensure delicious and healthy craft beer in a much higher quality.

The simplest way to evade the issues above is to brew your own beer with the Brewie B20. In this case, you have the overall freedom to control the brewing and the storing process, not to mention that you and your friends will be able to drink all of the fresh beverage from your own home brewery.

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