Big Brew Day '18 - here you can watch the whole thing

Big Brew Day '18 - here you can watch the whole thing

2 8 months ago

On Monday we did something that we haven't done before in the history of the company. The Brewie Team has provided the internet people with a whole 6 hours live brewing session, using not only one but three Brewie+ machines. Even though we had butterflies in our stomachs and were super excited in the beginning, at the very end we've ended up with three huge fermentation vessels filled with some well-crafted Stout, juicy IPA, and summery Weissbier.

The special occasion for our Big Brew Day was the National Homebrew Day that occasionally takes place on the first Saturday of May but we didn't want to take away all the precious brewing time from you so we transferred the event to Monday.

Three teams, three machines, three recipes and six hours were the magic words of our Monday evening and Tuesday dawn. The Design Team made a Call Me Grainy Wheat beer, the Support brewed the fine Hopus Pocus and our Hardware Specialists picked the good-looking and tasty Tales From The Cellar.

Of course, we know that advancing our live streaming technique is highly recommended for further occasions in the not too distant future, but as the main result, we were both tired and extremely happy at 2 AM after draining and doing the finishing touches. Showing our HQ and guiding you through the brewing process in real time has presented us with the results of being able to prove: the Brewie+ is easy to set, works smoothly, efficient, needs no supervision and is the simplest brewing machine that you can choose for your homebrewing journey.

Here you can watch the entire six hours brewing in three parts in case if you've missed it:
Part 1. (introducing, starting all three brews, mashing phase)
Part 2. (office tour, mashing phase, sparging phase, right before boiling, hopping, Hopersonic unboxing)
Part 3. (draining + fermentation, finishing touches)

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