Black Friday: only five days away

Black Friday: only five days away

1 1 year ago

It's only Tuesday but you can't wait for the weekend? Same with us. This Friday will probably be the best T.G.I.F. of the year as long as our Black Friday sale starts five days from Tuesday and we brew with special allowances for you this November.

From the 24th of November until the end of the month you will be able to order the Brewie B20 machine on a remarkably special price and by having this machine you can easily be a competent and beloved home brewer amongst your beer enthusiast buddies and to top it all in 2018 you are going to taste your very first home-brewed beer. Don't worry if you haven't got any background in brewing! Besides our user-friendly and easily manageable B20 machine, we offer you our Starter Kit at a reduced price as well: you can get it 50% off at our Black Friday sale.

From this Friday our European and Australian customers can order the B20 homebrewing machine 15% off and by this deal, they'll save 330 dollars. Purchasers from the USA and Canada will be able to get the machine with 5% allowance and for only 1 dollar shipping cost and save 300 dollars in the process.

If you haven't experienced the bliss of homebrewing yet, then 2018 will be your year! You can get the Brewie B20 machine and the Starter Kit on a totally exclusive price. Get ready!