BPBW - the five most awaited breweries

BPBW - the five most awaited breweries

1 8 months ago

23 days and counting until the most wanted beer festival of May begins in Budapest. Discover our beautiful city while sipping a ripper beverage and attend the serious amounts of programs that the organizers of BPBW brewed for their guests. The weather is nicer than ever here lately, not too cold, not too warm, it’s literally perfect for going out and stay late. Breathe inspiration in and let those talented craft breweries share their magic with you!

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Previously we told you about the story behind BPBW, the flagship-breweries of Hungarian craft beer and this time we’re going to present you our five ultimate favourite breweries. Although it’s still 23 days to go, we simply can’t wait to clink our glasses, taste their product and let this feeling overwhelm us.

Põhjala Brewery is the first brewery from the Baltic states in the lineup of BPBW. Some craft breweries are sweating hard to get wild, to go the extra mile, to think out of the box, but these awesome people are making bold choices like others breathe air. We just can't wait to see what they will bring over to Budapest!

Faith, hard work, and a simple but noble idea show how could lead a hobby to something bigger just like in the case of this brewery from the USA. Although they’re only in their 5th year of operation, 18th Street Brewery is world-recognized by now working out the idea of brew great local beer and build a community around it.

„Every great city needs a brewery” that’s the credo of the folks from Pipeworks Brewing Company that was established in Chicago in 2012 by two friends with a shared dream of crafting quality and creative beers. Since putting the first cap on the first bottle, the brewery has garnered accolades for its distinctive beers and original artwork thanks to a growing and enthusiastic team. Started as a brewery specialized in crazy one-off brews only, it took some time for them to strengthen their game with a year-round release.

Brewdog - a name whom without modern craft beer probably wouldn’t exist in the form as we know it now. They have changed a lot throughout time but one thing is for sure: regardless their garage era and now world domination business era, they always looked towards different and unique ways of doing things, shifting the beer world into a new age. They are a very special house located in the sometimes harsh, but also a beautiful corner of North Scotland.

Specialized in hoppy sour beers, imperial stouts, and porters, selling out their barrel-aged specials at the moment of their release, straight from the top of the Polish RateBeer and Untappd charts please get ready to taste the beers of Poland's one and only Browar Golem - Such as other rock stars of the craft beer scene, they focus on decisive flavours, expressiveness, ingenuity and crossing borders.

Visit Budapest Beer Week’s website for further information about all the participating breweries, tasting sessions and afterparties, join the event on Facebook, stay tuned and get all essential info from first hand.