Brave your brewery, the Maibock 3.0 is here!

Brave your brewery, the Maibock 3.0 is here!

3 8 months ago

The long-awaited software update is here for your Brewie!

Updating your all-in-one brewing machine with the Maibock 3.0 will result in better and more efficient brewing sessions.

Fancy knowing more? Using this update brewing will be simpler than you can imagine! Turn your machine on, find the Maibock and create your own beer smoother than before with

  • new brewing algorithm with boiling modifications, quicker pre-boil and the fixed 99% problem
  • better sparging with better circulation and yield
  • new pump control system with faster transfusion and draining
  • 6 new recipes: The Smashtiary collection and two brand new and exclusive Brewie Pads before their official launch date: the Gallhop and the Ipanthera