Brewie+ is just about to conquer the world!

Brewie+ is just about to conquer the world!

10 10 months ago

Don' miss out the opportunity to purchase the world's newest home brewing machine, the Brewie+ and get it at a special, preliminary sale! Save $500 or 400€ and receive an additional $100 or 100€ only on Launch Day (the 1st of March). If you're playing with a thought of being a home brewer, don't miss out this special discount!
And it's not everything.

With the Brewie+, we launch our Mystery Pad subscription for enthusiastic home brewers short on time, and we're going to continually supply you with Brewie Pads for 3, 6 or 12 months - with up to 45% off the original price!

And what about current owners? In case you wish to trade in your Old Faithful for an upgraded Brewie+, we'd like to present you with an individual offer, customized by the time spent you've received the B20, your brewing habits and any issue you might've encountered during the use of our first generation brewing device. We are soon going to send out forms for collecting the necessary data from each one of you - after it you'll get individual offers from us just before Launch Day.

Get ready! Only two more days to go!