Brewies on the road

Brewies on the road

4 6 months ago

Hello there, craft beer lovers!

Summertime BBQs are no longer the ideal locations without your own beer in hand, is that true?

Good news is that you don't have to wait so long to experience the joy of your friends who congratulate you after tasting the very first batch of homebrewed beverage.

All of you who've ordered their machines by before the end of May have already got the estimated time of delivery! Yay!

Take a glimpse what kind of feedback we got from customers recently:

"This thing is awesome!" (Kyle)

"Hey guys, just wanted to say I have made 4 great brews and love my Brewie." (Darrell)

" I'm fascinated by the machine and how well it works."(Meinrad)

"I have enjoyed learning and using my Brewie. All the beers I have made have been great." (James)

"I just want to say I love my Brewie. What fun. I've been a homebrew since 1989. It's a treat programming and a brew and pushing a button." (Brian)

And others who haven't got ETD yet please be patient, all good thing come to those who wait.