Bug collection for beginners

Bug collection for beginners

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Although Brewies in Europe and Australia are all functioning and brewing as expected, a few remaining bugs sometimes make new Brewie users unsure about how to proceed. To avoid any similar situations, we collected the most commonly occurring bugs and a few how-to-s to help beginner Brewie users on how to proceed when these issues pop up.

The most common bugs:

Although you can create new recipes with adding the appropriate time and amount of water for mashing and sparging, the goal-temperature for cooling and the hopping with the four hop tanks, there are a few recurring questions we’d like to answer you.
These problems will be solved in our next software update, which can be expected to be released in May.

As of now, you can not rename or delete recipes - but you can create a new one anytime you want. Also, if you tap on the recipe’s name before brewing, it tends to step on to the next recipe in the line - don’t worry, with tapping back you can choose again your recipe without losing any data in it.
These recipes are now functioning with water amounts and added times - but will receive the option to choose the ingredients’ types from its inner list with our next update.

While adding water (to any task), in cases of low water pressure in the tap, your might receive the pop-up that says “No water inlet”. Don’t worry about it, just press ‘Done’ anytime this happens - in the next update, we’ll get rid of this issue.

If the First safety clean is stuck in one of its phases, don’t panic! The First safety clean runs the same process as the Short clean function in Home/Extras. Simply stop the process and start a Short clean - it will solve the problem and clean the machine as well.

In Full clean mode, you might receive a message to Press long drain button. It’s a reoccurring issue, but no worries - the Full clean program drains itself automatically, you don’t have to manually drain the water with the button.
If you happen to not find the registration panel, don’t beat up yourself on it. Registering your machine is a later issue, once our social platform’s ready to roll. Until then, WiFi is only needed to update the software from time-to-time. Brewie brews on an offline basis.

During hopping, the machine displays the whole length of the hopping process. For example: if you have added 60-30-15-5 minutes to the four hop tanks, Brewie will display all 60 minutes of the hopping. It starts the second stage after thirty minutes (hopping with the two tanks in parallel), the third after 45 minutes and the fourth stage, when all four hop tanks are active, after 55 minutes of the added 60 overall hopping time.

While the cooling phase successfully ended, and the machine is in the sedimentation phase, the software tends to crash. Don't worry, you can easily drain your wort after restarting your Brewie.

If you need to know more about connecting to WiFi, please, read carefully the Support chapter of our FAQ here: http://brewie.org/knowledge-center/faq/support/s
If the way of calibration is not clear, please check out our Calibration Know-how here:

And as a golden rule: always read the added Quick setup guide, it might spare much time for you in questionable situations!

Of course, we are open for your concerns, feedbacks and questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us in cases of problematic events you can’t find the answers to!