Calibration know-how

Calibration know-how

3 1 year ago

We have received many questions regarding the calibration process since the Brown Ale (1.9) update was released, so let’s see how we can doublecheck the success of the calibration.

IMPORTANT: Before starting the calibration process, please make sure that the machine is standing on its legs, on a leveled, horizontal surface.

As you all now, from the Brown Ale (1.9) update, calibration has become a two-step process so the machine is now able to check, if all sensors are working properly.
In the first phase of calibration, you can manually give with how much water you wish to calibrate (between 7000-10000 grams). It is important to add the water to the boiling tank only after you have added the amount, when the appropriate message pops up on the display.
IMPORTANT: Add water only after you have started the process - never add water before the appropriate message pops up!
It is very important to let the machine lay still, so we advise to open both lids before calibration, and leave them open during the whole process.
When calibration starts, a caution will appear to tell you not to touch the machine. This includes not only leaning on the machine, but also

  • Touching the display
  • Closing/Opening the lids.

These can seriously jeopardize the success of the calibration process.

When the first step is ready, second step will ask for exactly 2000 grams of water (+/- 10g) to the boiling tank. Please, be sure that when you measure the 2000 grams, you take the weight of the bucket/can/etc into account. Also, pour in every drop of the measured water - leaving only a bit can drop the water’s weight under 2000 grams easily.
Important: the machine asks for an extra 2000 grams! Do not remove water from the previously added amount!

What happens, when calibration is unsuccessful, although you have followed every instruction?

In these cases, you might want to check your scale, with which you measure the weight of the water. Also, remember if you moved the lids - closing, opening them can reboot the whole process! If nothing seems to work, please, check the legs of the machine - if you can feel that a few are too loose (compared to others), check if the machine is in level, and - if needed - tighten the screws to reach a horizontal stance.