Camp with your beer and drink it anywhere

Camp with your beer and drink it anywhere

1 8 months ago

Needless to say, Summer is the ultimate time of getting lost in nature. Road trips after road trips on long weekends, going to the forest, to the beach, being free and reasonable at the same time. Caring less than ever multiplies the chance of something goes bad so mark our words and plan everything before you go (always be prepared for rain + there's no bad weather, there's bad clothing), pack the essentials, check the tires and your mini vacation will go off smooth and immaculate.

Taste the secret of really going OUT. Leave the city, go barefoot. Of course, you won't evolve into a hilarious new age hippie at the moment when doing but don't fool yourself with the idea of being a survivor neither. The basic aim here is to slow down a bit to gain strength for the weekdays of Summer - we all know it's harder to get up and go to work when the weather is so nice and warm.

After packing everything you need in your car/ trailer, don't forget to add your own beer to the list in the form of party kegs - depending on how many of you gather together. One keg stores 5 liters of well-crafted beverage, and it empties faster than you think! Pack different styles and taste them in the company of your friends on a summery night, next to the campfire while telling stories. It's important to memorize – just like in the act of collecting wood for a campfire - you need to collect 5 times more than you first thought you'll need so it's better to pack more beer than less, right?

Who's going to be the exclusive number one when it's time for some outdoor beer pong? It's you and the reason is out in the open: you were the only one who bought unique types of beers for this summery get-together. Bring your beer everywhere and share it freely with those you love. Remember: big up for those who supply the rest. After the massive get out from the city don't forget the first rule of camping: whatever you bring in, you bring it out! Don't leave trash behind on the scene, only your footprints!

Have a safe trip and a nice Summer with your beer on ice!

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