Cleaning: essential task for a homebrewer

Cleaning: essential task for a homebrewer

3 10 months ago

You need to clean all your equipment properly before and after brewing in order to avoid infections, tasting skunky beer and mostly wasting your time by brewing something that will end up in the sink anyway. Not to mention that indolence can easily lead to the danger of not having a decent beer head in the top of your beverage, and carbonation won't be as good as if you've conscientiously cleaned your kit.

Organic soil (against living organisms, you need to sanitize the equipment) and inorganic soil (cleaning) needs to be removed as well, stuffs like cooking soda, PBW (Powdered Brewery Wash) and oxyclean are already your BFFs as a basic part of your life because drinking your own beer is almost nothing compared to the whole process of brewing it. Surely the more you deal with sanitation and sterilization the more you will evaluate your drink. Cleaning the machinery and its accessories has to be a crucial part of your days as a homebrewer.

The purpose of cleaning is to minimize the chances of unwanted bacteria and wild yeast contaminating your beer. Cleaning frees your tools from dirt, marks or stains while sanitizing sterilizes, disinfects and purifies it. Barrels, kegs, hoses even bottles needed to be cleaned separately at the times before you had the opportunity to surprise yourself with a Brewie B20 homebrewing machine. Your automated homebrewing system helps you out when you need it and performs the cleaning and even the sanitizing process instead of you. But don't fool yourself into believing that after you've bought this beer brewing machine, you'll have nothing left to do. Being a master brewer is really a state of mind, you need to take care of your equipment as if it was one of your esteemed valuables. Treat it with honour because although it won't do everything in lieu of you, the machine is truly the first in the world that provides you time for other important issues while it brews your beverage and cleans itself afterwards.

Of course, you need to be sure that all the fermenting buckets and bottles are clean as well - in these cases you must do the dirty work but it's way more better than doing everything alone. Brewie's three different types of cleaning processes (that are based upon each other) will do most of the work, you just have to make sure that everything is in order and the other equipments are clean too.

When it's hard to concentrate on this exhaustive task always remember: cleaning and sanitizing your equipment is boring as hell but on the contrary, it provides you the perfect conditions to make and taste your own beer with confidence and pure joy. When sanitizing, you lower the bacteria and wild yeast content to such a degree that the good beer yeasts you introduce will be in the majority and do its thing before the bad ones have a chance. With our homebrewing machine, both cleaning and sanitizing are easy to master. Flip through the pages of our User Manual virtually or dive into the videos of the Brewie Ambassadors - you'll definitely find some content in connection with cleaning your home brewery.

Here you can find the basic parts of cleaning and a little help how to sanitize your Brewie!