Conquering beer flu: the ultimate hangover guide

Conquering beer flu: the ultimate hangover guide

1 8 months ago

All of us know the symptoms of brew flu and the so-called brain fog after a long night out. When we all feel like drinking that much was a good idea back then but since waking up, it's been added to the list of the worst decisions that we've ever made. Having the meanest enemy called hangover in front of us pulls out questions like the purpose of existence of life and humankind on Earth beside other equally important things and revelations such as I won't drink anything alcoholic anymore. During and after lamenting, the most important task is to deal with the state of your body and mind.

Yes, there'll be the clever ones who don't have time for this and keep saying that it's better to hang on than hangover (or the best way to detox is to retox). According to them, before the age of 30 your solution is the hair of the dog and after 30, it's the Xanax and sleep combo. Aren't you this hardcore? Then we help you to pick something reasonable.

Diving into our memories, our friends' wise advice and the bottomless depths of the world wide web, we've collected some tips and tricks on how to prevent hangover symptoms and how to survive the day after when you haven't been that cautious. Of course, there isn't a sure thing like an instant cure and everybody has different needs, but remember, at least we've tried to help you!

We need to talk about prevention

Water is good for you. Please note this sentence for life and everything will be way easier, believe me. Drink a lot of water (about 2-3 liters) every damn day, your brain and skin will be grateful. It's crucial to remember, you have to force yourself drinking until it becomes a habit. Carry a bottle with yourself and fill it again when it's empty. Those who drink enough (besides other benefits) won't suffer that much from hangover symptoms 'cause as you've probably heard it before, most of these are actually caused by dehydration. Some say your water consumption should be equal to the alcohol you drank so try the Russian method - after every sip of your drink, take a sip of water as well. Others swear by drinking two tall glasses of water and taking a multivitamin before going to sleep helps a lot. Another word of wisdom to keep in mind: while getting drunk, never mix distilled drinks with fermented drinks!

Vitamins for survival

Take vitamins right before you go to sleep to compensate the lost trace elements and just in case: take them with a nice tall glass of water. B-complex or B12 is equally good for you.

What to eat (and drink)

What to do and more importantly what to eat after seriously getting wasted? You probably feel like your stomach has been out of control and is being in need of calming down. There are multiple solutions to choose from. Drink an electrolyte drink, coconut water, orange juice or pickle juice but don't drink coffee - it simply worsens the dehydration caused by alcohol. When you feel better, try eating a giant bowl of pho, a big and greasy breakfast or some junk food that allegedly slows down the absorption of alcohol - they're not that healthy but you won't get healthy either way, right? This is your 'aim to survive’ period. Proteins and fibers will give you energy and increase the metabolism so eat your proteins and veggies, too.

Pro tips

Try not getting drunk the night before. It's not going to be easy but it's so worth it. If it's not an option, put a big glass of water next to your bed and drink it courageously when you need it. And last but not least, although probably it's the last thing you fancy right now: exercise and just sweat that holy hangover out!

Congratulations, you won by overcoming the obstacles of hungover! Do some reading and see what are the best BBQ recipes for this Summer!