Delay in deliveries of the B20

Delay in deliveries of the B20

3 1 year ago

We feel we need to clarify you what exactly is happening to the Brewies at this moment - few of you have received theirs, a lot have not - Let’s see why.

After the first batch of Australian B20s have been delivered, we were positive about the close shipping of the US machines.
However, while the US West batch was on its way, we received a few machines (2 to be precise) that had been produced with an inappropriate tool, resulting in a loud noise coming from the pump. We need to emphasize: this does not affect brewing efficiency or the quality of the finished wort, but is a truly annoying feature that ruins user experience.

Right now, we are inspecting all machines in Taiwan and Europe to see if this can be connected to one or more batches, or is more like a random issue - which will take about two weeks. These proceedings will affect B20s going to Europe and the US East Coast.
The machines already in the US (e.g. the West Coast batch) will continue to be delivered, only in smaller batches - for the same reason, to help us identify if a connected group of machines is infected.
All other batches (US East Coast, Europe) are going to be inspected and repaired if needed - which can cause a few weeks of delay.

Thank you very much for your understanding - our only wish is to deliver spotless machines to you, to make brewing not a burden, but a truly great experience.