Filling up the shelves

Filling up the shelves

0 1 year ago

As we have already leaked to you, Brewie will open its webshop to the public in the very, very near future. Let’s go through an aisle, just to see what it might have in store!

Brewie Pads: You heard about the Rusty Rex, you saw the Rusty Rex, you tasted the Rusty Rex… why not another of Brewie’s unique recipes? Sorry, did I say another? I meant 4 others! You will be able to try any of Brewie’s four starting tastes from the opening!

Brewie Kegs: Yes, the inevitable accessory for anyone, who ever tried to bring ten bottles of beer to gathering. Easy to carry, much to drink: Brewie Kegs will faithfully help you carry around your homebrews - be it as beverage to a party, as gift to a friend or even as sample to promote.

Carry bags: You didn’t even think about carrying around your Brewie, did you? Well, now, you won’t ever NOT think about it. Now you won't have to worry about moving to a new place or renovating the old - the carry bag helps you move the Brewie in an easy, simple, comfortable way.