Florian, the patron saint of brewers

Florian, the patron saint of brewers

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Don't drink water, drink beer - a wisely said sentence by St. Arnold of Metz. Brewers chose patron saints and gods to attain their grace. The best-known patron saints are Wenceslaus and Florian but there are others in a row as well who are helping brewers and beer lovers around the globe right now.

Saint Wenceslaus became a patron saint of beer because of hops. Czech hops were extremely valuable at that time and his judgment was a death penalty for those who tried to sell the hops abroad. There was a huge fire in Nunberg that Florian slake with beer (or with water that was stored for brewing) and the rest is history. But who were the others with significant roles in the matter of making and enjoying beer? You'll be surprised because there are many of them! Here is a brief list of our favourites who did some great deal in the area of brewing, drinking and fighting fire with the beverage.

Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard, the Mother Superior of the Benedictine abbey of Rupertsberg mentions hop as a beer flavouring spice and preservative at the same time. She warned everybody the dangers of drinking too much water, instead of it, she recommended beer. (But remember: the quality of water wasn't too good at that time and drinking alcohol was less risky.)

Saint Ambrose
He was chosen as a saint by Bee Beer brewers, because according to the legend, in the early ages of Ambrose's life, bees carried honey to his lips (the name Ambrose means honey-mouth).

Saint Florian
Another saint who we know from our songs. He protects professions where people work with fire. He was born in Upper Austria and became a junior officer in the Roman army. Their fortress burst into flames one day, but with the professional guidance of Florian, the soldiers raked it out. Later on, the local resident of his habitation forced 40 soldiers to choose between the emperor and Jesus Christ. Florian sought up the resident in order to ask for mercy, but the governor compelled him to choose. Florian admitted his Christianity so he was sentenced to death.

Arnold of Soisson
Arnold was the bishop of Metz. After his death, his mortal remains were transported from the churchyard to the church. His funeral was on a warm sunny day and his casket was beyond heavy. A bearer sighed: Oh sweet Jesus I wish I could drink a glass of cold beer! At that moment, fresh and tasty beer came out from the casket - a new miracle and a new saint were born.

Benno of Meissen
A Benedictine priest, the bishop of Meissen. He took side with the pope Gregory the VII. in the time of the investiture controversy. As a respond Charles IV. expelled him from the church and threw the key of his temple into the river Elba. Surprisingly, the key later turned out in a pub, from the stomach of a huge fish. Since then, Benno has been respected as a brewer saint, often pictured with a book and a fish in his hands.

Brigid of Kildare
Maybe the miracle of Saint Brigid is the most appealing that's why we leave it for the end of this article. On a hot summery day the abbess noticed that her patients got thirsty after bathing, so she turned the water into beer with the blessing of Christ. (Let's be honest, every husband is dreaming of a wife like that, right?.)

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