Get ready for Christmas!

Get ready for Christmas!

0 1 year ago

We know - we also can not understand Christmas lights, presents and Santa hats in October just as you can't.

However, taking into account the special length of preparing the Jingle Ale The Way, the newest and limited Christmas Brewie Pad, time is really of the essence.

Do you wish to suprise your family and your beer buddies with a special, spicy Christmas Ale? Worry no more! We have prepared a timechart for the ideal way of brewing down the Jingle Ale The Way Brewie Pad - either with a 4-week-long or a 6-week-long maturing period.

In the picture above and beyond, you can check the timeframe (taking into account a 3-week-long shipping period in late September and early October, and a 1-week-long one in late October, you have to choose the timing of the batch right to be able to be ready for the festivities.

We've also highlighted the latest dates on which you should start brewing the Christmas Ale to be ready - so make sure that you'll have the Brewie Pad 4/6 weeks before Christmas - depending on which maturing temperature you choose.

Check out the new Brewie Pad here!