Get to know the flagship-breweries of Hungarian craft beer at BPBW

Get to know the flagship-breweries of Hungarian craft beer at BPBW

1 8 months ago

At BPBW Beer Week in Budapest 2018 at least 14 different local craft breweries will be representing Hungary with the best of their brews. We don't have the space to introduce them all, but we selected our favourite 6 and gave them some captions.

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MONYO Brewing Co. has been the first brewery taking place within the walls of the emblematic 19th century brewery of Budapest, making the area a home for many local craft breweries later on. Flawless, beautiful and bold creations can be expected from this vivid and fun team of individuals!

Next to them, just a few meters away it's Mad Scientist and if you thought the name says it all, you've been right. These guys are crazy, but in a good way: they have a new beer coming out every week to make sure the local scene never gets bored, but they also have their very own bar not only in Budapest but also in Berlin.

Horizont Brewing is right in front of them; their restless crew has been producing easy to drink - easy to understand beers with a huge imagination and often surprising twists! Pure professionalism.

HopTop is the forth brewery right on the spot that is now simply called 'Főzdepark' (Brewerypark). Joyful - colourful beers filled with passion; that's the first thing that comes to our mind when thinking of them and we believe this says it all!

Reketye brewery has the best bar in Budapest, right on the banks of Danube... It's not only the scenic view (while the sun goes down behind Gellért hill) you can get lost in, but also their wild brews. They are never afraid to learn from their mistakes or go the extra mile earning the respect of the scene!

Balkezes has been the favourite guerrilla brewery of many in Budapest. These awesome people are not only talking the talk, also walking the walk, but what's really important is that you can never go wrong with any of their beers!!!

Come for the international names, stay for the local breweries. On the 25th and 26th of May, you'll get the chance to witness them all at the tasting sessions of BPBW Beer Week in Budapest 2018!