Get your Brewie B20 for almost half its price!

Get your Brewie B20 for almost half its price!

3 7 months ago

If you're interested in getting a used but fully functional Brewie B20 homebrewing machine with smaller aesthetic deficiencies on an exceptional price, the perfect time for you to purchase it comes closer day by day.

We’ve looked through our stock of used Brewie B20 units and realized that we have a limited number that have been slightly damaged or have other aesthetic deficiencies. These refurbished machines aren't brand new as you can guess it so we decided to reduce the price and sell it for only 999 USD!

Warning! The stock of these machines is extremely limited and will be out of stock soon so you need to hurry before all the Brewies are gone for good.

Get ready, the super sale starts on Monday (18/6/18) from 17.00 CET.

In case if you have any questions, please contact Adam via email at!