Guiding new users

Guiding new users

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Soon, you are going to be part of our Brewie owners' family, with a shining new machine and fermentation-ready buckets and kegs. The Brewies of the first West Coast batch are expected to arrive by next week, and to make sure that all of you from Washington to Arizona will be able to easily start your first batch, we collected some useful information for you. One of the most important things: take a look at our Knowledge Center! It includes a FAQ and a detailed User Guide, which's paragraphs can help you get sorted out before the first tries. You can reach the Knowledge Center by the following link:

Also, we are continuously uploading useful articles about

  • well-known bugs -
  • calibration issues -
  • creating recipes -
  • or any confusing situations that might occur.

Click any of the above articles to reach their respective issues.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to start to brew, always start with:

  1. calibration
  2. first safety clean (or short clean)
  3. unclogging program

With these programs, most valve- or pump-related issue can be filtered

To know more about the new features, every time an update goes live, we upload a step-by-step guide to help users understand the working mechanics of any new programs. The next link will take you to the Brown Ale (1.9) update's step-by-step guide.