Happy Black Friday y'all!

Happy Black Friday y'all!

1 1 year ago

Tonight from 17:00 CET our special Black Friday sale is going to start. Prepare your wallet and be ready, get the Brewie B20 machine and the Starter Kit at an extraordinary discount!

The holidays are closer and closer every day and today you really have the best excuse to treat yourself and save your money at the same time. We offer you the D.I.Y. experience of brewing in the form of our homebrewing machine and Starter Kit.

From the 24th of November until the end of the month our customers can get the Starter Kit 50% off. If you from the US or Canada and order the B20 machine, you'll save 300 dollars (5% allowance for the machine and 1 dollar shipping cost), and if you from Europe or Australia you'll save 330 dollars (15% allowance for the machine).

Check out the Brewie Shop this afternoon!