How Brewie+ takes over the hardest part of brewing?

How Brewie+ takes over the hardest part of brewing?

0 10 months ago

Homebrewing is a well-planned hobby that perfectly fits your timeline, let alone with the help of an all-in-one automated homebrewing machine that takes over the hardest part of the process. Let's see the basic steps of brewing (after setting the parameters) and how the Brewie+ works compared to an old-school style brewing kit. For detailed information about the machine's working please click here and there.

with Brewie+ the water is warmed up until it reaches the required temperature and poured on the malt.

old-school style: Heat the water, strew the malt into it, mix the mash and monitor its temperature constantly.

with Brewie+ you don't have to bother with these steps, just don't disturb the machine while it's doing the job.

old-school style: Deflate the wort from the malt. Pour a part of it back to the brewing, ball it until it makes a filtering layer and pour the wort on top of the malt until clear liquid leaves from the tap in the bottom of your pot. Let your wort to be filtered then pour the sparge water onto the malt. Do that until your wort reaches the original gravity (OG) and the starting quantity.

with Brewie+ you need to put hops into the hop cages (and hop cages into the hop tanks) at the beginning of your brewing session. In this step, hops will dissolve into your wort automatically.

old school style: After the wort reached its boiling temperature, add hops at appropriate intervals.

with Brewie+ cooling is also an automated process. Depending on water temperature and water pressure, cooling usually takes only 10-20 minutes. (Remember: the additional water’s temperature might change during brewing, causing the wort’s temperature to change from brew to brew.)

old school style: Cool down the wort with a cooling equipment, an immersion wort chiller or a cooling jacket. Re-rack the cooled wort, place it into the fermentation tank and add yeast.

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