Shipping information

Shipping information

0 1 year ago

First of all, we’d like to apologize for providing little information about your machines - we overly clung to our schedule (based on the amount of preliminary orders), and that led to insufficient communication on our behalf. But do not worry. You have not been forgotten.

Our schedule is based on primarily the amount of orders, assigned to geographical units. This means that a higher amount of preliminary orders makes it more urgent, since we have to serve demands of more people from a smaller (and more easily organizable) unit. The EU is the most available for us, being in the Budapest HQ, and Australia or the States have their own customs regulations, making shipping simpler for a bigger number of brewers.

That is related to the - yet - small capacity of our manufacturer. The first few doses of Brewies was thus shipped to the countries with the biggest demands and the most easily adaptable customs regulations.

Another wave of production with your machines will start right after the USA machines’ shipping ended, presumably in the middle of April. In many cases though, air transport would considerably raise shipping prices, which we’d like to avoid. FedEx or DHL will be entrusted to deliver these machines on a more reasonable price (we are currently arranging which will serve which countries).

In parallel with this, we are also working on making the possibility for you to have Brewie Pads. However, the low level of possible orders makes it incredibly hard to arrange a feasible price for them - still, we believe to be able to arrange Brewie Pad options. In the scenario where it couldn’t be realized, we will be reaching out to you to provide a fully detailed guide on how to use the Brewie Bags with your own ingredients.