Introducing the next Brewie Pads

Introducing the next Brewie Pads

8 1 year ago

Many of you have already brewed Brewie’s first authentic beer recipe (we’re all looking at you, Rusty Rex!), and based on your reviews and feedbacks we were able to put together an easily drinkable beer with really good properties.

Now we believe it’s time to tell you what other special Brewie recipes will arrive to our Brewie Shop!

Hopus Pocus: a hoppy, American style IPA, that noone will be able to pronounce right first. This refreshing session beer’s magic lies in the dry hopping that makes its flavour whole.

Redneck Hopster: our very first American Pale Ale was an easily drinkable beverage even before it was cool! The smooth, citrusy flavour and the decent amount of hop heads make it a refresher for not only handcrafted occasions.

Call me Grainy: Hey, I just met you / and this is crazy / but I’m a light summer beer with the popular wheat flavour with spicy and aromatic notes too / so drink me maybe!