Let’s reveal the second feature!

Let’s reveal the second feature!

2 10 months ago

Alright, yesterday was day of our second reveal, let’s see what’s going to be included in the newest brewing machine to simplify your home brewing method when you’re in a crafty mood. Let’s assume the following facts. If you think at least two of them are true, then the new machine has just been made for you.

  • you like the taste of beer
  • you love craft beer better
  • lately you've found way too boring drinking watered-down ales in your favourite pub
  • you have a family
  • you literally never have enough time for anything

This new all in one beer brewing machine will help you out. Using this you'll be able to brew your craft beer from anywhere! With this application and the new brewing system you can manage the whole brewing process from your comfortable couch, workplace or anywhere you want!

Cound down with us until the launch of Brewie's newest brewing machine here!