Need a ride?

Need a ride?

0 8 months ago

Need a refreshment real quick? Is it us or there might be some serious hoofbeat in the distance? Do you wanna ride? Right on! There won't be any wild goose chase 'cause Gallhop is on its way with the fastest horses and the lightest summery breeze. Its jockey doesn't let the bridles get out of his hands and so do you.

Don't be out of the loop, taste our newest creation at the speed of 55 mph! This category of beer refers to lagers brewed without any cereal (corn or rice). Still yellow and fizzy, these beverages will display a broader depth of malt flavor and a more complex bitterness and hop aroma than their adjunct counterparts.

Gallhop is an always refreshing Hoplager made from Pils and Vienna malt plus Magnum and Cenntenial hops with a nice yellow colour, tasty malt notes, and a good mouth feel.

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