October shipfest

October shipfest

9 1 year ago

Shipping is on its way.

Please, make sure that you’ll not fall for any malicious gossips regarding when or how we’ll not deliver, go bankrupt or plan our Bahamian vacations. These accusations are not true.

We’ve successfully left the previously mentioned administrative issue behind us and another ~70 machines are on their way to the (hopefully) loving homes. The next batch of machines will leave Taiwan at the start of October and will presumably reach their end destinations at the end of that month. This batch of Brewie B20s will include all pre-webshop customers and most of the webshop customers as well, making sure that only the owners of the latest orders will be - temporarily - left without a Brewie.

We have used up your reserves for patience, we very well know that - but the waiting is soon at an end and Brewies will gradually arrive to you during October!