One more day until the best purchase of the year!

One more day until the best purchase of the year!

0 1 year ago

24 hours and the countdown has started! Are you ready for our exclusive offers?

Have you ever thought about what is going to happen if you brew your own beer at home? Surrounded by friends and family, laughter, smiling faces, happiness and no unnecessary worries about something goes wrong. How does it sound? Very heartwarming isn't it? This November we provide you the opportunity to bring out the best homebrewer from yourself and from your beer enthusiast buddies as well. Check out our special Black Friday deals tomorrow from 17:00 CET and make the decision: become a homebrewer in 2018!

What's contained in the deal?

  • the Starter Kit on a remarkably special price (50% off)

European and Australian customers can order the Brewie B20 machine 15% off (and saving 330 dollars)

  • From the USA and Canada you will be able to get the B20 machine with 5% allowance and for only 1 dollar shipping cost (and saving 300 dollars)

Check out our webshop on Friday and start the newest adventure of your life!