Plans for the 2.0

Plans for the 2.0

2 1 year ago

Since the Brown Ale update was released, we are continually working on getting all currently available features and programs of the Brewie in line. We hope to achieve this task by the end of May, when we’ll be able to deliver a machine that works flawlessly offline.

The main changes that you’ll recognize in 2.0:

  • An easier way to connect to WiFi - many of you have experienced the Brewie’s slow reaction to available WiFi networks - we expect to ease it with supporting more types of encryptions;
  • Fully functioning recipe creator - aside from the already working settings, in 2.0 users will be able to add ingredients, fermentation info to their recipes, alongside the basic functions of Save as…, deleting and renaming recipes;
  • Not only will be the recipe creator working as promised, but a special recipe-calculator will be added, which will help planning the expected characteristics of your brew.

We’re going to update you on a weekly basis about what other features and/or bug fixes we’ll include in the 2.0!