Production line shift, faster delivery, mobile app and new products

Production line shift, faster delivery, mobile app and new products

6 11 months ago

2017 was doubtlessly a stepping stone in the history of Brewie. We’ve faced so many challenges in the last few months and it might’ve clouded all the developments and changes we lived through together. We started shipping machines to the EU or to North America, but even to Australia – we never even dreamed that we shall deliver one thousand machines in the first year of production! But it did happen, along with many other achievements – launching the educative Brewie Ambassador program around the globe, opening up our very own webshop and continuously increasing the number of people helping out and improving Brewie as a company.

2018 is going to be the year of novelties at Brewie - production line shift, new products, and a mobile application - to mention the three most important things that are going to happen soon (or has happened already).

As a first step, we assessed how we communicate and handle customer requests. We expanded our team with David and Mate and implemented a brand-new system for sorting out, prioritizing and answering every inquiry as fast as possible. The results of the first month look truly promising, and – following these new guidelines – we expect to soon reach the Promised Land of almost immediate assistance. We renewed our service communication and reporting to always have a real-life status of every single unit, fastening up error detection and actual servicing. Software update 2.7 assists us in detecting operational disturbances even before a unit reaches one of our service partners!

The most important progress in 2018 - the production line shift - has already happened in January. With the help of our new producer's 3 times bigger capacity, several technical changes that are based on the feedback from our customers can be implemented in the machines to ensure a more optimal homebrewing method. And it's not everything! Due to the continually growing interest in the machine and Brewie's other products, we're going to significantly ease the time of delivery.

Now, with the problems of the past behind our back, we can freely focus on attending promises yet to fulfill. As a first step, we've started developments which will lead to the further expansion of our current range of products. With your help, we've become aware what kind of instruments do our customers (both beginners and experts) need in order to simplify their brewing method. Secondly, there's going to be a shift towards faster and prompter responses both in the field of shipping and customer service.

At last but not least: the mobile application for Brewie is under construction (
we're continuously evaluating the beta testers' feedbacks) but it'll be a reality in the spring of 2018. With the IPA 2.6 software update you were allowed to control the brewing process from your couch - basically, the app was a remote controller to the machine that only worked when the machine and the application both used the same network system. Every homebrewer's dream will come true with the soon to be arriving software update: you won't have to use the same network system as the app! You can brew literally from anywhere you want!

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