Remarkable social experience with no annoying whatnots

Remarkable social experience with no annoying whatnots

3 1 year ago

People always say "go big or go home" as if going home was a bad thing. Hell yes, we want to go home, and brew some beer when we get there! A couple of articles have shown that while surprisingly we prefer staying at home nowadays, this isn't significantly meaning that young people are the new old people. Basically, this is the perfect setting for the exploration of homebrewing with your friends. If you go to an unexplored pub, nobody can guarantee the atmosphere or the quality of the drinks there but if you are with friends and if you brew your own beer, the two previously mentioned factors are guaranteed. Why go out if you have beer-enthusiast buddies who are going to be surely interested in the method of brewing?

Let us be honest: brewing beer is cool. Share it with your friends or family is even cooler, it makes any occasion cozier and more personal no matter what this occasion is - a special holiday or just an ordinary recreation. However, not only the consumption of the beverage is impressive but also the process itself. The Brewie B20 machine offers you the social experience: while working it lets your social life flourish. Due to our continuously developed software system, it works by pressing only a few buttons online as well as in offline mode and you only have to be there to add ingredients and yeast, the rest of the job is going to be done by the B20. Yes, that means you don't have to deal with annoying whatnots, the world's first fully automated brewing machine takes care of your beer from mashing to cooling. If you want something that handles the difficult parts of brewing such as the timing and the temperature then Brewie B20 has been made for you.

If you love the sense of excitement and experimentation, with Brewie B20 you can have the palatial, full DIY experience when you brew your own handcrafted beer at your home surrounded by your friends. This machine has clear-out appearance that is especially aesthetic and makes it almost similar to a design object. The machine perfectly fits in your kitchen, your living room, even in your garage and its system is completely treatable and favorable for beginners and professionals as well. Additionally, the B20 can provide you a maximum 20 liters of beer at the end of the brewing process and as you can guess it, your friends will be beyond happy when they taste the first sips of your special beverage. Although we have 7 Brewie Pads right now (and still counting) of course you still have the opportunity to experiment with the ingredients and the taste of the final product during the process.

We ensure you that after the tasting of your first home-brewed beer you and your friends are going to be wondering about the flavor of our other meticulously selected, high-quality Brewie Pads, and to top it all you'll have the opportunity to experiment with your individual recipes (our online recipe database is growing) and like almost everything in the world, this will be so much better if you do it with your friends.

New to brewing? Don't worry! Brewie is made for you!