Schedule for the preordered Brewies

Schedule for the preordered Brewies

2 1 year ago

We'd like to address your concerns about receiving your pre-ordered and long-awaited Brewies in persective of the newly opened Brewie Shop.

First of all, we'd like to ask you not to worry: your orders are - as have been before - our priorities, and all currently produced and shipped machines are the ones you have purchased with trust in Brewie. As you all know, production issues and our limited capacity caused long delays, but we are at the finish line.
All this leads to that all purchases until today will be delivered by August.
Secondly, any extra orders: kegs, Brewie Pads and other accessories are also on the top of our priority list, and with the now functioning distribution partners, we are slowly but surely fulfilling all our obligations to you, our most trusted customers.

How will it work?

As you all know, the first batch of machines have arrived to the West Coast in late April. When the manufacturing issue was discovered, all affected machines have been recalled to our service partner in the US for inspection. This phase (including the needed services) ended in late May, when we adjusted ourselves to begin delivering the remaining Brewies. As we have written before, we are gradually delivering the first batch to make sure no unexpected hardware issues emerge and to keep all feedback manageable. A few dozen machines arrive to their respective owners this week - and if all is well, all remaining ones will be delivered next week.

The same method is used for machines *in the East Coast*. The problem has been managed, the affected machines repaired, and the first part of the batch will arrive in the upcoming days. We’re positive not to receive any hardware issues that affected the whole production line, but to keep all possibilities at bay, we continue delivering next week (with the oldest orders).

All US batches from now on will include Canadian orders, in the order of purchase.

To Australia and Europe, shipping continues and machines ordered before the webshop opened will gradually arrive during June and July.

To any other countries that is not mentioned above: we are constantly arranging shipping circumstances and will presumably start the individual machines once the bigger batches have been sent out.

If any of the above are not fully clear, feel free to contact us anytime!